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Hello I'm Catie, I started the Diary of an imperfect mum in October 2014. The Diary of an Imperfect Mum is a parenting, lifestyle & special needs blog. It began as the sharing of my thoughts and feelings about raising a child with autism and has developed into a record of our family life, ideas for fun activities, great books to read and interesting things to do, relevant to all families not only those with special needs. 


In the relatively short time that Diary of an imperfect mum has been published I have experienced some amazing successes and been featured by some fantastic people. I have been front page and blog of the day on Mums Net. I have had articles featured in The Mighty, Post 40 bloggers and In Culture Parent Magazine. I was also voted one of the most inspirational autism blogs of 2015.

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Additional experience

I have previously worked in consultancy and teaching, my specialism being English. 
As an English Expat living in Holland with a worldwide audience maybe I can help you expand your client base.

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If you think we could make a good team then please contact me to discuss your wishes further at  or request my current Media Kit.
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