Blogging - Which side are you on?

Dear blogger,

I love blogging! It has given me a space that is mine. I find it cathartic, interesting, educational and fun. It can also be frustrating, upsetting, challenging and hard work (mostly the tech stuff!) I have met some lovely, special people who have become my friends!

I've been around for almost 2 and a half years now, steadily growing my blog, learning the direction I want to take and becoming organised. I wouldn't say I know what I am doing, I am not a big blogger but I am comfortable in my blogging skin. If someone asks for help I always try but I am a firm believer that it is your blog, your space and it is up to you what you do!

Lately I've read a few articles about blogging that have made me feel uncomfortable. There seems to be a trend developing towards, keeping it real. In Holland we even had a news segment reporting on the increase in 'slummy' bloggers showing the 'real' side of parenting, the messy house, the failed birthday cake and the chocolate covered kid. Blogging is a big business!

The trend itself is not what makes me uncomfortable though, each to their own style but what does worry me is the backlash against some sections of our community. Bloggers who are criticising 'too perfect' photos of families or dismissing days out and roundup posts as boring! Have we descended into school yard tactics? What next? Are we going to be asked to take sides? It feels that way to me and I really don't like it!

If this is the direction that blogging is taking then let me be clear; I want no part in it!

As a linky host I can honestly say that I love the variety of posts we get each week. Yes I do have favourites and I highlight these weekly (and monthly in #ablogginggoodtime special) and yes, there are some posts that aren't really my cup of tea. But just because they don't appeal to me doesn't mean that they won't appeal to someone else. I actually love Pinterest fail type posts (I am a terrible cook) but I equally enjoy looking at picture perfect creations too. I do find some 'real' bloggers very refreshing in their honesty but swearing for swearing's sake and dissing your kids really isn't my thing!

How can you dismiss someone else's work as boring? I think that is really rude. It is simple if you don't like a particular blog/article then don't read it! If it stands before you in a linkup then leave a short,  polite comment or rethink the type of links you are joining.

Everyone is different and everyone has a right to voice their opinion/blog in their own way on their little space of the internet!

The negativity did make me upset enough to write this response but I am not jumping on a blogging bandwagon neither will I write a particularly divisive article in a clear attempt to increase my blog views. Instead I will continue to write from the heart about what I find interesting and hope that others find it interesting too.

This is my blog and my space. Of course I want people to read it and I am aware of my audience. However, I continue to write my roundup posts and talk about my days out because I want a record of our family life. Yes they aren't my most popular posts but I love looking back at them and seeing what fun we've had together and how my boys have grown. A blog by definition is a regular record of your thoughts, opinions or experiences.

A final message for my 'real' blogger friend in language you may understand...

If you don't like my blog then piss off and read something else!

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