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Dear friends,

I have always used photography on Diary of an imperfect mum to tell our family's story and recently started a new series Friday Focus. I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus. Instagram, has quickly become one of my favourite forms of Social media but I have never considered setting up a community until now.

 This week for Family Focus I introduced my Mummy Shot:

I always seem to end up walking behind the boys playing catch up as they are running along in front of me, chatting away. A few years ago I snapped a shot of my boys walking at the beach. I loved this shot as for me it captured their relationship, hand in hand, mirrored walking steps, little man turned towards his brother... I read the phrase hand in hand together we can make it and my mummy shot was born. I have been recreating this shot ever since.

The post got a great response! Several bloggers commented how they loved this idea or how they also liked to shoot children from behind, some even said they preferred not to show their children's faces (a debate perhaps for another time) but the lovely mama cat from Mama cat and baby bee said: 

I am never one to turn down a request/challenge so thanks Mama Cat for giving me the kick up the bum I needed and here goes... 

This community is for any image that tells a story or captures an emotion without showing the face. 
Do you have a phone full of back of the head shots too. Come and share them with us on IG using #MummyShot  

Here are some more examples of my #MummyShot to get us all going...

Help me spread the word by sharing this post or the following Image. I hope to see you on IG!


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