July Roundup


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Dear friends,

Welcome to my monthly roundup an opportunity to look back at the ordinary moments that have made our month extra special. It is so easy to take for granted people, places and things and this look back really helps me to appreciate their importance and rejoice in the everyday memories we are making together...

My most popular IG photo this month was: 

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Video Roundup

Magic moments:

  • Big lad celebrating his birthday (early because of the holiday) with laser gaming
  • Enjoying a picnic at the beach with the whole family
  • Feeling relaxed in the knowledge that I have 6 weeks holiday with my boys...
  • An evening walk on the beach watching the boys splashing in the pools of water
  • Laughing so much my stomach hurt
  • My little man waking me up by climbing into bed and saying I love you more than anything in the world...
  • A photo course on the beach taking shots of the beautiful sunset! 
  • Saturday evening spontaneous drinks with friends and lots of laughs
  • A days boat trip on my brother-in-laws super new boat, watching the boys steer with huge smile on their faces.
  • Evenings spent sitting in the garden in the warm air. My favourite time of year!

On the blog:

  • Some fantastic comments on my: "Stop shaming my mummy tummy!" post
  • Being a featured blogger on #BloggerClubUK
  • Reaching 800 followers on IG
  • Reaching 4000 followers on Twitter - OMG I am over the moon!
  • Hosting a gorgeous post from my pal Louise (Little Hearts Big Love) on my Parenting from a special perspective series. 
  • First time I've reached 100+ likes on an IG photo 
  • The lovely George from Not just Phoebe featuring diaryofanimperfectmum.com in her Blogs I love page.

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