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Dear friend,

Every week I like to post a favourite quote that I have found. I posted my first 'Words of Wisdom' piece in May 2015 and from June 2015 began linking up to Cuddle Fairy's Candid Cuddles Linky on a Sunday. I am always on the look out for a bit of inspirational writing and especially like it when they are relevant to me or my current situation. 

At Christmas I wrote a poem called; Autism isn't just for Christmas.  I turned verses into images with text and put them on Instagram.

The reponse was fantastic. I had messages from parents saying thank you and that this was how Christmas was for their child. 

People like quotes, they are catchy, easy to share and therefore a good way to get your message across. 

My aim with the Diary of an imperfect mum was to spread awareness and acceptance of autism, here was a way for me to try and get the message out there in an accessible way. So Autiquotes was born.

Autiquotes are simply my quotes about autism. Reflections that I have made in my posts on Diary of an imperfect mum only in a more accessible form. 

The first Autiquote. 

My aim is to spread a positive message about autism through my writing and to help my son to grow up in a world of understanding, compassion and acceptance. 

I hope you will follow the series and help spread autism awareness by sharing.

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