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I am really honored and excited to have been invited to co-host Candid Cuddles 37. 

Candid Cuddles is hosted by  Becky, the Inspiration that is Cuddle Fairy.

I love quotes and each week choose a special one to post and link up with Candid Cuddles. We have grown into a really supportive and inspiring group of bloggers. Come and take a look. Why not join us?

I am really excited to Welcome you to the Candid Cuddles Quote Linky!

This linky is about being creative & sharing a message. Posts with any type of quote are welcome to link up. The quote can be typed or a graphic. You can be inspirational, motivational, funny, sarcastic or anything else you like.

If you are new to Candid Cuddles & need any help linking up, you can read Becky's Linky Guide or tweet her @CuddleFairy - She is a fantastic help!

My favorite quote last week came from the lovely Katie at Growing up Katertot

Simple and perfect and the message I always try to convey to my kids and to myself to just do your best. I loved it!

Candid Cuddles:
The Rules:
*  I comment on & tweet every post.
*  You may add your quote graphics to the Candid Cuddles Pinterest board. Leave your Pinterest name in the comments to be added to the group board.
* If you'd like to be a guest co-host for a week with Becky, let her know via comments, twitter, or send her an email. 
1.  Add the badge to the HTML / text portion of your post.
2.  Please comment on the Host Post, the post directly before yours & one more of your choice. Feel free to comment on more than that, but please do those 3 as a minimum. The comments are what makes a linky great.
3.  Pinterest Board Rules: Pin one quote per week to the board. The quote pinned must be linked up here.
4.  After you link up, tag me @animperfectmum or @CuddleFairy for a retweet.
 Please Note: By linking up, you give me permission to share your image and agree to receive emails about future link-ups.

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