Family fun: Cake pops from Dr Oetker

Dear friend,

The big lad picked up this Cake pops mix from Dr Oetker whilst we were doing the shopping. It is a new mix and I've always fancied making these so we decided to give them a try! As papa was busy with the decorating and had worked very hard all week, we thought it would be a nice idea to surprise him with something yummy for when he was finished. 

Making cake pops

The boys were ready to get going and we checked the contents of the pack.

The teacher in me couldn't resist using this as a bit of reading comprehension and got the big lad to read the instructions and then set the oven temperature.
The only bit I didn't get them to help with was warming the icing in the boiling water.
I wasn't convinced the cakes would hold on the stick but after 5 mins in the fridge they did!

Adding the icing and the sprinkles was messy but lots of fun!
They must have been really tasty as the big lad asked for more.

The cake pops were really fun to make but a little bit fiddly and messy (which the boys loved). The finished product looked great and they were really tasty! I would definitely make these again. Cake pops are a great treat and also a good choice to take to school on birthdays. 

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