Photo story: The Horse market

Dear friend,

Today was the Rijnsburg Paardenmarkt. We had fantastic weather again, luckily for us. The day begins with the horse sale so we took a walk with Nova to have a look. The little man loved the Shetland ponies and Nova liked eating the horse poo. Yuk! Why do dogs do that?

Later we wandered around the market stalls that are set up along the canal and the boys got to try out some instruments with the Flora band. Little man was brilliant at blowing the trumpet, either he's a natural talent or really good at fart noises. 

Finally we sampled all the fun of the fair. The big lad was a demon on the bumper cars and the little man was great at the hook a duck game (he won two prizes) and enjoyed the bouncy castles and trampoline. 

All the schools are closed and everyone comes out to enjoy the horse market, it is an annual event. There is something for everyone, with the market, fair and live music in the town square. There is a real sense of community here we love it! 

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