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Welcome to the "best of...#ablogginggoodtime."  Katie and I are overwhelmed by the number of fantastic posts linked up each week and in an effort to give something back I decided to run a monthly feature to showcase some of the brilliant bloggers who regularly link up with us.

The diversity of posts linked up every month is amazing...everything from recipes to poems and lists, heartfelt and inspiring stories to hilarious tales and brilliant tips. Thank you so much! I know that we both struggle every week to pick out a featured post.

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For many bloggers, not all granted, linkys are big business. We add our posts for exposure, to be read and commented on and in return we sign up to comment on a certain number of posts, good idea yes?

I wonder though if deep down people genuinely link to read other posts or whether it is all about stats and exposure? If it is then truthfully I see no issue with that as long as you keep up your end of the deal and reciprocate on the comments. I however learnt that not everybody does. I have learnt this largely through running my linky. My host, Karen of Two Tiny Hands, and I have never made a point of checking the comments and making sure everyone does their bit because ya know, adulthood. Yet we have wondered whether this is the right call or not as people have contacted us to say they aren’t always getting the comments, which is a shame.


A Family Day Out In Whitby

If you read my post last Saturday (Happy Days: Cars, Caves and Beaches), you’ll know that on Bank Holiday Monday we had intended to go to our local carnival. The constant rain made us change our minds and after checking the weather we decided to head to Whitby instead. One thing the weather app didn’t mention was the thick fog and while you can usually see the Sea for a good 20 minutes before you arrive, we couldn’t see it until we got out the car and walked to the cliff edge!

As so often happens with impromptu days out though, we had an absolutely brilliant time and the fog lifted slightly so that we could appreciate the views.


A Toddler’s Guide to the Human Rights Act

As Theresa May once again threatens to abolish the Human Rights Act, a toddler could be forgiven for asking ‘What has the Human Rights Act ever done for me?’

So here is the essential guide to what the HRA means for toddlers.

The right to life

This means you can throw yourself down the stairs/attempt to ride an escalator head first/try to lick the cat, and Mummy must do everything possible to prevent you from dying. Your life is protected – test that theory by risking it as much as possible.


I Bought My Kid A Hatchimal and Now I Hate Myself

You parents know them…


AKA The brightly colored assholes that drove moms to fifty shades of crazy during the 2016 holiday season.

You couldn’t get your hands on them…

If you did snag one, it cost you your mortgage as well as your soul…

People who ended up with less than perfect Hatchimals lost their minds. One woman actually tried to sue the maker when her kid’s furry satanic gift didn’t hatch correctly. (Ummm…. quick thought asshole… read the return policy when buying pricey gifts.)

Other parents went bananas claiming their expensive (and really ugly) toys were swearing at their kids. (Ummmm…. Hatchimals talk in a high pitched gibbly-garb language that eats your brain. Perhaps you imagined swearing as the toy scrambled your mind, this I can see happening. Purposely swearing or rigged to curse up a storm, I think not.)


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#MummyShot Week 24

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Welcome to #MummyShot Roundup, hosted by myself and the amazing MacKenzie Granville.I always seem to end up walking behind the boys playing catch up as they are running along in front of me, chatting away. A few years ago I snapped a shot of my boys walking at the beach. I loved this shot as for me it captured their relationship, hand in hand, mirrored walking steps, little man turned towards his brother... I read the phrase hand in hand together we can make it and my mummy shot was born. I've been recreating this shot even since.

Photography is about capturing souls not smiles.   Dragan Tapshanov.

Featured posts:

This week is all about the flowers and the shots are absolutely amazing. I had to sneak in a 5th shot too as I just couldn't choose! The standard of photography is outstanding on #MummyShot, thank you so much for joining us ๐ŸŒŸ 

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#MummyShot is an IG community for faceless shots that capture emotion or tell a story. 

Friday Focus: Avifauna

Dear friend,

Welcome to my Photo series Friday Focus. I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus.

Avifauna is a bird park but they also have some Madagascan animals too. Little man is a big fan of ring tailed Lemurs and when my colleague told me she had visited and you could get up close and personal with them we had to see for ourselves. I was super excited to see the boys reactions. 

Both my boys loved it and Lemurs are their new favourite animal. There was some scary talk of bringing one home but I must admit that I fell in love with them too! 

Happy Days!

Why autistic children should have a dog

Dear friend,

I've always been a dog lover and as a child plagued my parents until they eventually gave in and got me one. He was quite a character and a massive part of my childhood and early adulthood. I loved having a dog and wanted my children to have the same experience. Then I started to read research into autism and how dogs were being used to support autistic children. Could this really help the big lad? A few weeks later we got Nova, a beagle crossed with a border collie and we've never looked back!

5 reasons why autistic children should have a dog.

1. Making social connections.

The dog can act as bridge to help your child make social connections. 

This happened with us almost immediately. Normally when people stopped to chat to us on the way to the shops the big lad would hide behind me or recoil if someone asked him a question often making an inappropriate noise/gesture that made the situation quite awkward. Most older people thought he was being rude and some even made comments. The first day we walked Nova an old lady spoke to the big lad and he responded appropriately and actually engaged in conversation. Nova became his link to the outside world, she somehow reduced the stress associated with communicating with other people. 

Researchers from the University of Missouri found that having a pet can dramatically improve social interactions of children with autism. Children with any kind of pet in the home are more likely to engage in behavior such as, introducing themselves, asking for information or responding to other people's questions. 

2. Emotional support.

Dogs have a sixth sense, they just seem to know when you need them next to you and when you don't! This is important with autistic children who often find it very difficult/impossible to describe to an adult how they are feeling. A dog can be a source of comfort to the child and provide companionship and friendship. 

Big lad went through a phase of wanting a best friend until we pointed out that he already has one, a slightly unconventional one but a source of unconditional love. At the end of a long day he can often be found snuggled up with Nova on the floor and even in her basket. Some parents using autism assistance dogs have also reported that they saw positive changes in behavior such as lower aggression/frustration levels. 

3. Learning responsibility.

Dogs are largely about routine, which autistic kids love. Why not put them in charge of some of this routine and learn to take responsibility for another living thing? Nova is my big lad's dog. He feeds Nova every morning. He goes with her on vet visits and he is beginning to take some responsibility for letting her out.  Having to take Nova to the beach/woods/dunes for a walk is also a great way to get the big lad from behind his computer and out interacting with people. 

4. Sleeping.

One of the most difficult and talked about subjects amongst autistic parents is sleep. How to get our children (and us) to sleep well, some children also wander at night which can be dangerous. Assistance dogs can be trained to sleep in the child's room and be a source of comfort to them when they are falling asleep or if they wake during the night. Many parents have reported very favorable results as the child may wake less and wander less when a dog sleeps in their room. 

5. Unconditional Love.

I asked the big lad what he thought was the best thing about having a dog and his answer was simple. I love her, she's just so cute! Who can argue with that? One of the greatest things about having a dog is that you always have a warm welcome waiting for you at home.

recent research study has shown that the type of pet you keep doesn't actually matter. Having any kind of pet, even a spider, can improve autistic children's social skills. Why not try it? 

This is a revised post and was first published in January 2015.

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