Friday Focus: Leiden


Dear friend,

Welcome to my Photo series, Friday Focus. I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus.

This week's Friday Focus is...

A sunny Saturday morning in Leiden. We love Leiden, it is such a beautiful city and we are super lucky to live next door to here. The market winds its way around the canal in the city centre. What a stunning place to do your shopping! This was a fact finding trip, to the toy stores, to see what Santa might bring but we couldn't resist visiting the delicious Mamie Gourmande Boulagerie 

Now I'll let my photos do the talking...

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Gizmo saves Christmas


Dear friend,

If there is one thing that makes it feel like Christmas then it has to be the good old Christmas advert.   Christmas certainly brings out the creative brilliance in our advertisers. I have really fond memories of sitting on the sofa in my Christmas PJs watching TV with my family and waiting for the adverts to come on. Rather than disappearing off, to make that cuppa, we all waited to see what would come on and we all had our favourites.

Last week my colleagues and I sat on our phones at lunch time watching the adverts that had just been released. There were lots of Ahhhhs and Oooorrrrs and then we had a good old discussion about our favourite Christmas adverts. There is something about these clever adverts that captures the spirit of the festive season. Hearing that Coca Cola music and seeing the big red lorry, makes me feel like Christmas has really arrived and the John Lewis adverts certainly take some beating but when I saw the 2016 Vision Direct advert starring Gizmo the Pug, I feel in love!

A Glimpse into our autism: What is this?


Dear friend,

Yesterday he asked me
What is this?
as he was practically sticking a piece of chicken wing up his nose.

It made me snort with laughter as memories of him as a toddler flashed before my eyes.

He looked at me with disdain and turned to his dad repeating what is this, while examining the wing like it was a piece of important evidence in a criminal investigation.

Two hands holding jigsaw pieces together

The Perfect Present: The Perfect Steak


Dear friends,

It's getting around to Christmas time and I am wracking my brains again to try and think of something amazing to do for the hubby. I know getting to live with me should be prize enough for the man but he does deserve a little something.

As my beautiful and amazing Nana always said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and she wasn't wrong very often! Hubby loves a good steak and whilst I would absolutely love to take him to Barbecoa London – Jamie Oliver’s barbecue steakhouse, it's not going to happen for us this year!

However, have you seen Barbecoa’s new ‘Guide to cooking the perfect steak’? This beautiful guide features expert advice from Steve Pooley, Chef Director at Jamie Oliver. It recommends the best kind of steak to buy, what to look for, ingredients and cooking methods and serving suggestions. Whilst I am not well known for my cooking skills, the guide promises to help you to cook steak like a pro. I am sure that even I could manage this easy to follow guide and make hubby a slap up steak and an evening to remember.

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