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How to explain autism to siblings


Dear friend,

How do you explain autism to children? Lately we have come across this issue in our own family as our youngest son (aged 7) has wanted to know more about his brothers autism. He has always heard the word 'autism' at home as we talk openly with our eldest son about his issues. But thanks to a caring teacher we recently found out that our youngest was struggling to understand what autism means and was feeling a sense of care and responsibility towards his brother (read more). We needed to explain what autism is.

A Glimpse into our autism: Just a boy!


Dear friend,

Yesterday he performed his first DJ set in a bar. The huge smile on his face lit up the whole room and his eyes sparkled with excitement. This was his moment!

I hid my feelings behind the camera, as I so often do, looking at our life through a lens can give me the distance I need to control my racing emotions.

I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined this day. How could the confident, smiling boy who was commanding the room be the same toddler who hid behind my legs when anyone spoke to him, or the frustrated, anxious child who just wanted to blend into the background? The tears pricked my eyes and caught in my throat, halting my speech but I heard him saying:

Mum you're so embarrassing...

So pulled myself together and stepped back into the moment.

Two hands holding jigsaw pieces together

Book Corner: Sir Charlie Stinky Socks The Pirate's Curse


My book corner choice this month is: Sir Charlie Stinky Socks The Pirate's curse by Kristina Stephenson

We have several books in the Sir Charlie Stinky Socks series and previously reviewed the Tale of the Wizard's Whisper but we loved this one so much we had to share it too. 

My Sunday Photo


I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer perspective. 

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