One moment in time with Tara Neale

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. Joining me for the first week is the lovely Tara Neale, you can find Tara over at the Frugalfam's blog where she hopes you find something that will help your family to save money, eat healthier, and just enjoy your time together.

Not a lick of make-up. The grey showing through at the roots. Comfortable clothes. Exhausted beyond belief and dark circles under my eyes to prove it. Not exactly glamour shots, folks!

But this is still one of my favourite photographs of me with my life partner. We had been together a little more than a month and this is one of the first photographs of us together. Because it says it all…

Life is a roller coaster!

And no amount of money or good looks or intelligence can smooth out all those highs and lows…not to say they can’t help sometimes. Even the best, prettiest and richest have their troubles.

Goodness knows I had had mine. I was fifty-one. Twice married. Six children. The only one of whom still lived at home was high-functioning autistic. I was a struggling romance writer who had given up on love.

Then he came into my life. I swear if I ever actually wrote our real-life love story, I could not dream up a hero more perfect for us. He was and still is my Prince Charming. A man who not only loved me, but has the patience of a saint with my daughter. Honestly, no one would believe it even if I could find the words to describe…magic.

That day was a final ‘test’ of sorts. We had already woken up early and travelled hours by train. Then we had dragged the special needs buggy all over the amusement park in the wake of my daughter and her carer.

To top that off…we both HATE roller coasters. But my daughter begged and pleaded. So together we climbed abroad…the kiddie one. Yes, that picture is taken on a children’s ride. But the terror on my face is genuine.

Thing is…that if life is like that roller coaster…ups and downs, travelling past so quickly that you lost your stomach and your nerve on the last curve, and all you can do is hold on tight and do your best not to…

Well, if life is like that roller coaster…then there is no one else in this world that I want in the car with me. No one else I want to hold to so tightly.

It has been almost a year since that photo was taken. And we have had our ups and downs, but we have managed through the whole ride to hold tightly to one another. Tighter even than that day.

So yes, life maybe a roller coaster, but it’s not so bad when you have the right man on the ride with you to hold onto. For dear life.

I love you more today than I did then, my beloved Cookie Monster.

What a great analogy and Tara is right when life has thrown me some twists and turns or flipped us upside down I have been very glad to hold my lovely hubby's steady hand too. 

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Tara Neale: Homemaker Blogger Mother HomeEducation RadicalUnschooler of Autistic Neurodivergent daughter with Pathological Demand Avoidance. Meet our CrazyFamily.

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My Sunday Photo

I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer perspective. 

History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul - Lord Acton

#MummyShot Week 16

Dear friends,

Welcome to #MummyShot Roundup, hosted by myself and the amazing MacKenzie Granville.

Photography is about capturing souls not smiles.   Dragan Tapshanov.

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April Roundup

Dear friends,

Welcome to my monthly roundup an opportunity to look back at the ordinary moments that have made our month extra special. It is so easy to take for granted people, places and things and this look back really helps me to appreciate their importance and rejoice in the everyday memories we are making together...

Finding beauty in the everyday...

  • Watching the boys dance at school. Little man did Charleston and big lad Bollywood
  • Little man holding my hand and chatting away whilst we walked the dog
  • Reading my book in the sunshine
  • A new drum kit
  • Watching big lads pleasure and concentration when he’s DJ-ing.
  • Spring time in Holland - exploring the flower fields
  • Sunday morning beach walks in the sun
  • An Easter trip to the UK
  • Mini chocolate eggs… yum!
  • The first BBQ of the year with friends.
  • Time spent with family
  • Little man at Build a Bear, he was so excited
  • 2p machines
  • Friday nights - TV, drink, feet up. Bliss!

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One moment in time with Imperfect Mum

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. I am kicking off the series with a photograph from our album. 

It may be a little grainy but I love this photo of the big lad and my nana. It has a really special place in my heart as this is probably the last shot of her that I have. 

Nana Dot was a major influence in my life growing up. She was an amazing woman, full of life and energy but most of all kindness. Her door was always open to anyone in need. Wherever nana was she brought fun, light and happiness. She was also very small, 4 feet 11 1/2 inches to be precise (she always said the 1/2) but what she lacked in stature she more than made up for in personality!

This was the last time we saw nana in her own home. We were over in the UK for the holidays and popped in to see her. I remember the big lad running in excitedly because he wanted to find out if he was bigger than nana. He ran into the kitchen shouting, Nana am I bigger than you now? Her reply made us all laugh, Wait a minute darling while I stand up straight. 

The look on his face should tell you that he was indeed taller and this photograph was taken as evidence. 

I have so many amazing memories of my nana; Saturday night sleepovers, the smell of pressed powder and lipstick, playing queenie who's got the ball, running for the ice cream van, a pint with a half glass, singing Doris Day songs on a Sunday morning, handwritten letters with a five pound note tucked inside... But this has to be one of my favourites. Proudly standing with her great grandson. A very special moment in time!

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Do you have a special photograph and story you would like to share? Then I would love to hear from you!

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