Why I hate buffet restaurants


Dear friend,

Lately we've had a rush of family birthdays to contend with. Everyone is born in February or March (or so it seems). In Holland birthdays are a massive affair. Even if you don't want to celebrate the relatives will still appear at your door expecting coffee and cake and to sit in a circle chatting together whilst you run around like a headless chicken. Every year it becomes a massive bone of contention!

This year some of the family have foregone the circle party at home for a buffet style restaurant. I thought this might improve matters but oh no I was totally and completely wrong!!

Reasons I hate buffet restaurants

Explaining autism as a spectrum


Dear friend,

I wish I had a euro for every time someone has responded to the statement,
I have a son with autism 
with the question but he's not that bad/but he's high functioning/but he's clever?

Maybe people just want you to feel better but I think this is also because it is really difficult to explain what an autistic spectrum is. One of the most frustratingannoyingdifficult, infuriating things about having a child with autism is trying to explain what that means. I've even written about how tongue tied I get when people ask me what autism is?

We tend to hear about and see on TV and in the press the extremes of autism and this leads to people having quite stereotypical views of what it is, something that I regularly write about on this blog. But people also appear to misunderstand what a spectrum actually means.

I came across the following cartoon from Rebecca Burgess and it explains the autistic spectrum brilliantly.

#PointShoot Week #1


Welcome to #PointShoot Week #1

I am so excited to be taking over this brilliant linky from the amazing Aby at You Baby me Mummy. Thank you so much Aby!  I have always joined in with #PointShoot since the beginning when it was hosted by the amazing Aby with the fabulous Em from Snowing indoors. Photographs have become a large part of my blog and I love making photo stories from my days out, our adventures, trips to the beach or forest, special days etc and I know that many other bloggers do too so I hope you will join me every week!

A photograph is the pause button of life.

We are open from Tuesday 6 a.m. until Monday 6 a.m. (so there is plenty of time to link up.)
You can share your days out snaps or any fun, special, touching moments from your week.
It can be one photo (including Instagram posts) or a series of shots with words or without.

Book Corner: Scaredy Boo


My book corner choice this month is: Scaredy Boo by Claire Freedman and Russell Julian

Do you have a child who sometimes gets scared at bedtime? If you do then this book is for you!

It is the tale of Scaredy Boo, a monster who lives under the bed. But this monster is scared of everything, even you! Whilst all the monsters came out to play on a night Scaredy Boo was too afraid to join in, until one night Spike the monster appeared and invited him to play. Scaredy Boo with the help of Spike faces his fears and soon ends up having fun with all his new monster friends.

The book comes from Claire Freedman the author of the brilliant Dinosaurs love underpants and Aliens love underpants. 

My Sunday Photo


I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer perspective. 

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